"Kristen Spath takes her passion for her work to a whole new level. The time, dedication and connection she unveils each week makes every performance unique, special and truly unforgettable. Her unmatchable style is a blend of her classical and jazz training which presents a unique concert for our residents."”

— Maureen Santiago—Activity Director Ivy Park At Mission Viejo

'Kristen is a classically trained composer and pianist. When she tickles the ivories, she makes our grand piano speak. Her performances delight our seniors and she communicates with them about the meaning of each piece she plays. They are excited to hear her talent and return time and time again to be engaged and entertained.””

— Bernice Walsh - Programs Director for Ivy Park at Mission Viejo 

"What sets Kristen apart is her genuine connection with her audience. She has a remarkable ability to engage with her listeners, drawing them into her world and making them feel the raw emotion behind each song. Her authenticity and vulnerability on stage create an intimate experience that leaves a lasting impact."”

— Audience Member- Ivy Park at Wellington

Kristen brings a vibrancy to her performances that is unmatched. The way she interacts with our residents and her beautiful piano playing brings our residents back again and again to listen to Kristen's incredible talent! ”

— Becky Acosta -Programs Director for Las Palmas/Senior Resource Group